Ensuring A Solid Foundation For A Happy Home


Down The Hole

Most of us don’t think twice about what goes on down in our homes sewer main, and who really wants to. Then the day comes when that foul smell fills your home, you have to throw out that box of family photos and your dog needs a bath, or worse yet, a breath mint!

There are several situations that could cause a very unexpected, destructive and expensive outcome. As a home owner, you are responsible for the entire distance from inside the home to the city main under the street (that includes the cost of removing and replacing sidewalks and streets!). Having RC Fields perform a SewerScan can help avoid these unforeseen expenses. Average costs of repairs range from $1,500 – $15,000 depending upon the situation.

What We Might Find

Root Growth

Root growth is one of the most common and damaging concerns found, but can be one of the least expensive fixes if caught early. Ongoing preventative maintenance is your best defense.

Belly in Pipe

A “Belly” in your system is a low point usually caused by improper installation practices/settling of surrounding earth, which can lead to blockage and eventually sewage back-up. Repairs typically require excavating the affected section.

Scaling of Pipe

Scaling buildup in sewer pipes

Scaling (mineral deposits) in the pipes over time cause restrictions in flow and eventually blockage/back-up which can often be removed by a professional rather than replacing the pipes all together.

Foreign Objects

Really no explanation needed… Our sewer systems are designed for #1 and #2 things only!

Anything else is just asking for trouble!

Collapse of Pipe

A collapsed pipe can ruin your day, your yard and your budget. This can be the result of several undiagnosed deficiencies and needless to say one of the most expensive fixes.

Offset Pipe

Clogged offset sewer pipe

An offset pipe is when the joints shift, which can cause a catch point where debris collects and causes back-ups. Repairs typically require excavating the affected section.

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